Buckingham – Nicks Tribute (that’s Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham) Duo Live Show 02/28/2015

Gearing up for our fabulous duo White Winged Dove show this Saturday.

We are playing at Dillon’s, a great venue in Lawrenceville, GA.  We have not

played there before, but I have been there, to see a friend’s band, and also for

lunch (great food!).

We start at 9 PM and play three sets.

We will be debuting “Soldier’s Angel”, the great song by Stevie Nicks

& Lindsey Buckingham, at this performance.

Hope to also get some nice video footage.


Featuring Michael Lee Brown and Barbara Joy.

Featuring Michael Lee Brown and Barbara Joy.

dillonsflyer2 NewDillons

New Anti-Aging Skin Care Serum & Spray Set Debuting in February 2015

It looks like my skin care serum & spray sets will be completed, and ready for sale mid-February 2015.

I am starting out with one dozen 5ML sets.  I have been using this serum on my skin for 25 + years mixed at home, with a few new tweaks.

01 hair poseThese photos were taken within the last two weeks, and I plan to make a short promo video for the skin care line, so everyone can see my skin, for real, and judge for themselves if I know what I am talking about, when it comes to skin care :)

Most people guess me at 33-38 years old.

This is a great selling point for my line, as I have been using it for 25+ years, and I am

in fact, 54 years old. :)

If you would like to contact me to purchase a set (the price is going to be $35-45 for the set of serum and spray), you can EMAIL Me and I will answer you within 24 hours.

I will be offering my line ONLY on my Facebook page,  my Etsy shoppe, and private sales.

Ingredients range from DMAE, to Dragon’s Blood, Retinol,  Argon oil and much more, all in my custom blend.   I have been a study in skin care since I was 14 years old…fascinated to always look the youngest I could…I have researched and studied for many years…and this is the best I think that CAN be found.  Anywhere.




New Anti-Aging Skin Care Miracle + Resin & Polymer Clay Jewelry #STEVIENICKS Tribute Artist Takes it to the Next Level in 2015

Merry Christmas, friends!

After years of working on how to get my Anti Aging skin care blend to the World,

it looks like 2015 will be the year.

I have been using this mixture, for VERY many years, and people guess me at 32-38 years old.

Anti Aging Skin Care Miracle 2015

Anti Aging Skin Care Miracle 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1 12_16_14closeThese photos were all taken within the last few months, and the bottom one was taken last week, 12/17/2014, before I left for the Fleetwood Mac concert, here in Atlanta.   Not too bad, for a girl who just turned 54 in September :)

The ingredients in my skin care are a blend of many, and one is imported from another country, and cannot be found, in true 100% form, in the USA! :)  It is one ingredients the “stars” and “celebrities” pay thousands for creams containing it…YES it works, and YES it will be in my product, and NO,  mine won’t be thousands of dollars, in fact, it will be under $50.  I want the WORLD to be able to afford to be beautiful, and glowing!  Yes, I have always “taken care” of my skin…things like ALWAYS removing your makeup before bed, no matter how tired…YES, I have slipped up, no one is perfect…but if I do nothing else, after one of our #FLEETWOODMAC #STEVIENICKS tribute shows, with our band, White Winged Dove, I take that stage makeup off, and spray my face (yes, my regime is two part, a spray, then the mixture serum, which “seals” the moisture in.)  I will be explaining it all, when the final product is ready to hit my shoppe, and the World!

I am very proud of my #STEVIENICKS inspired clothing, jewelry, and accessories, already in my shoppe….@www.JoyShines.com, and I plan to add a LOT more in 2015…new fabrics and fabulous capes, and shawls, as well as polymer clay and resin one of a kind pieces, made from molds I create, so they are truly unique!  And of course, I will continue to carry my original Stevie Nicks crescent moon necklaces, and pyramids/triangles, and Wild Wild Hearts…

Our band keeps getting better and better with each practice, and show.  I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Sir Mick Fleetwood, at his art gallery showing of his photographs, last week, then we were featured on the Atlanta 11 o’clock news, too!

Fleetwood Mac Atlanta 12/17/2014 Mick Fleetwood and Barbara Joy 12/16/2014

Fleetwood Mac Atlanta 12/17/2014 Mick Fleetwood and Barbara Joy 12/16/2014

mf000 mf00 mf0 MomMickHe was so very kind, and I was not “supposed” to meet him…he was showing his photos, and he spoke about the inspiration, then he was being whisked back to the roped off room, where people who purchased his wonderful prints, would get to meet him, have his new book signed, and their print signed…well, as he was almost to the red velvet rope, he stopped dead in his tracks and took my arm, and said (I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS), “Do you want a photo?”  I had my camera in hand, now stunned, so I said, “oh yes” and put it up to take one of him, he said (DUH ME LOL), “No, WITH you!” so I now am shaking…and I hand my camera to this lady standing in front of me (THANK YOU whoever you were SO much!) and told her, “you need to hold the shutter down about 3 seconds”…and then HE said, “Yes, com’on Sister of the Moon”….SWOON!!!  WOW, so I manged to say something like, “Merry Christmas, I hope you feel better, I am Barbara Joy” (he was running a fever and sick, but you would never know!  The next night at the Fleetwood Mac concert, it / he / all of them, were AMAZING!!!) so the lady snapped the photo, apparently along with a million other people, LOL (well it looked like it when I saw the photo later)…then, on the 11 o’clock news…they showed Mick’s appearance…AND our photo session!  You can see that, on the link below.



I was mesmerized by his “Tusk” necklace and decided I must have one, too :)

Mick Fleetwood Tusk NecklaceIt was enchanting, as the man himself.

Overall, 2014 has been a wonderful, blessed year…and 2015 is going to RISE UP and be the best year for as long as I can remember…the Planets are Aligned…I am blessed by God, Jesus loves me, and, as Joseph Prince says, “God wants you to REIGN!”  and I shall.


Merry Christmas to all of you, and a very JOYOUS 2015.

0x0x0 Peace!