“Straight Back” & “Crying In the Night” Live Stevie Nicks Lindsey Buckingham tribute 07/24/2015

Good Morning!

We had an absolute blast playing a wedding reception,

for Atlanta’s classic rock radio station, 100.5 yesterday!

It was our “duo” Buckingham/Nicks style tribute,

with Michael Brown & myself.

Here is a clip from our show, this MP3 features our two closing songs,

“Straight Back” of Fleetwood Mac’s “Mirage” release, and “Crying In the Night”

a great song off of “Buckingham/Nicks” that we both love.

White Winged Dove Duo Live 07/25/2015

I feel it is important for the Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks fans of the World,

like myself :) that we play these kinds of songs.

While there are more Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks “tribute bands” in the World,

there are no (to my knowledge) Buckingham/Nicks style tributes?

So I feel, that besides our full 6-piece tribute band, White Winged Dove, that I adore,

and pieced together since 2009, it is important that “other” beloved songs are performed

live…the ones we, as fans, would LOVE to hear Stevie & Lindsey perform, with, or without

the fabulous Mac behind them!

What kind of songs?  “Blue Lamp” (which I am slowly evolving into a Blue Lamp/Wild Heart medley),

“Straight Back”, “Crying In the Night”, “Frozen Love”, “Soldier’s Angel”, plus so many to come in the next months

and years.

While both our full band, and our duo, do the “Gold Dust Woman”, “Landslide”, “Rhiannon” and all the
“hits” that everyone loves, I find, from being a fan for SO long, that altho I love those songs, and Love

to hear Stevie/Mac do them “live”…to go to a live show and hear “Blue Lamp” or “Wild Heart” or

“Frozen Love” would both flip out and rise the audience up so HIGH it cannot be measured!

I have spoken to, and been friends with, other SN fans since the 1980s, and I know this to be true.

To my knowledge, other “tribute bands” do not wish to do this, staying with the “hits” as most of the

people who come to their shows, are not die hard fans and would go “huh” if they heard “Crying in the Night” LOL!

Well, we played that one a number of times in our duo, and people always ALWAYS  love it!!!

It has that distinctive Buckingham/Nicks feel and sound, and that is something special.

I cannot tell you the number of times someone has come up and asked if we do

something not on the setlist, and I will be more than happy to sing it accapella

if the band does not know it :)  People seem surprised by this, but being a TRUE fan, it is

simple, I know them all!  I sing them all! :)  There are soooo many songs I would love to do

with the band or duo, but it is just impractical for them to learn 300 Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac

songs HAHAHA!

We have a huge show this evening, expecting THOUSANDS of people…Lake Lanier Islands Resort, on Sunset Cove…with beautiful boats pulling in and out.  May be our largest crowd to date.

Of course they are coming to see various bands, there is an Aerosmith tribute playing just before us (we play 7:30-9 pm,  a great time slot).  I find it humourous when I see different bands playing festivals with 2 or more other bands, yet they post the thousands that came to see “them”  Bahahaha.  Egos, man, egos.

Honestly, none of that matters to me, sure big crowds and lots of applause are fun and great,

but I have an awesome time SINGING.  For one person, for one thousand people.  I love this gift.

A matter of fact, the dj from the radio station said to me yesterday,  “you sound so much like

Stevie Nicks, it is scary”  then he said “what a Gift” and he is correct, my singing IS a gift, and I never

forget that.  Whether singing Stevie, or Heart, or Gino Vannelli, or Steely Dan, or Led Zeppelin, or Erykah

Badu, or Anita Baker…I love to SING!

I think my sounding “like” Stevie Nicks comes from being a FAN long before doing tributes.

I started doing the tributes in 1993, and I am always thankful when people say how very much

I sound like her.  I cannot sing her songs any other way than I do, because that is how I learned them by

being a FAN and LISTENING to her…the demos, released and live versions….they all have their little nuances,

and when I sing, I don’t “try” to “sound like” her (what FUN is that?) I just sing the songs how I know them.

I have heard people “try” with fake nasal or fake vibrato, and it is pretty bad and unnatural sounding to me,

I would honestly rather hear them sing a song in their OWN voice, even if it does not sound “like
Stevie Nicks” if that makes sense?

I would not do a tribute if I had to fake some kind of voice, that is no fun to me, and Music is FUN!!!

Looking forward to a Lifetime of Music and Joy.

God has blessed me, and I am forever THANKFUL.




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