45 Day Challenge @RockinWellness

Rockin' Wellness Whole Body Nutritional Shake

So my Rockin Wellness package is awaiting me at my PO box, and it is about 45 days till our

White Winged Dove, Stevie Nicks Tribute Band show at

the HUGE BEAUTIFUL STAGE of Mableton’s “Taste Of South Cobb” festival,

so what greater time to do the Rockin Wellness 45 day challenge?

I am going to pick up my package after school, go to the grocery and begin the challenge tomorrow morning…

I will, of course, post all my thoughts and reviews on this wonderful journey!

Day One-Tomorrow, October 11th.

Day Forty Five-November 16th.

Let’s get this party started!  I will try to post every day at least a small update, here in the blog, so be

sure to follow me, if you want to read the updates!

If you want to order, or find out more about Rockin Wellness, just click on the photo above,

I have linked it to their home page!

Rock On!

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