Stevie Nicks Inspired Velvet Berets Mastering The Design

Stevie Nicks velvet hat beret




Today is dedicated to mastering my design / pattern for THE Stevie Nicks floppy beret.  I have my sewing space this morning from 10-2 and IT WILL BE DONE!  Then I am going to master LINING them (right now I do them un-lined) AND adding zippers to my velvet ruched legwarmers!  The only place to purchase authentic designed Stevie Nicks clothing style is in my Etsy shoppe, or at my White Winged Dove, Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac tribute band merchandise tables!  I have also mastered my “Rhiannon” style top…velvet body with floating huge chiffon sleeves, and the hanky hem skirt with elastic waist:


Stevie Nicks clothing MasterRhiannonTop




Dreams DO Come True

What I have believed in, and pursued for 20 years has finally been
acknowledged by another, every single point of my performance, from vocals,
to look, to stage presentation of Miss Stevie Nicks.
CONFIRMED to be “the best there could be”
by a 30-year professional in the business, who is now
going to help DREAMS come true for our Tribute.

THANK YOU JESUS, for bringing me my gifts and blessings,
I am SO thankful!

Stevie Nicks Style Feathered Headdress/Cap In All Colours

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cap1 feathercap


Look at these beautiful photos of Miss Stevie! What do they all have in common?  She is wearing an original and unique design feathered headdress, with full spiderweb crochet cap!  Wouldn’t you love to have one of these to wear for the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tour, for your stage show, if you are a performer, or just to show your Wild Heart?  I will have these available for sale in August 2014.  In a variety of colours, you can order via special private client sales.  These will also be available in limited supply, on our White Winged Dove merchandise tables at selected shows.  They take a VERY long time to complete, and are truly unique.  Not a cheap imitation, that looks like a boa exploded (LOL), but a hand crafted piece by piece replica, complete with beautiful feathers and beadwork.  Please send me a message if you have questions or would like to pre-order.  Contact:

Feather Headdress Inquiry

I want to have these in all colours!  Black, Ivory, Red, Purple, Teal, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold just to name a few!  Today is also my first day at my new Sewing Spot.  I am renting (for free) once per week, a huge space with sewing machines and cutting tables, so I can do all my capes, shawls, velvet legwarmers, berets and any other sewing/serging projects I can come up with !  I can use the space once per week, for 3-4 hours on my day off from the Salon.  This was a very lucky “find” I came across online, and it is only about 10 minutes away from home!  I may take some pics from today’s adventure…

White Winged Dove has a great show coming up this Friday, so busting out some new finery for that one, we are playing three sets, so am also going to try and have one of the  new feather headdresses ready for that … probably set III.  Also learning to make custom hair extensions for sale at the salon, that is fun !!!  Very blessed to be able to do so many things I love…and SO thankful…Peace, Out!