#STEVIENICKS Tribute Band White Winged Dove, Finery, and Fun!

Good Morning, World!
Been SUPER busy with so many exciting things, from my shoppe’s new items,
to a part time job freelancing in the Beauty industry, to White Winged Dove
AND my solo Stevie tribute shows…from new venues, new management, and of course,
NEW finery! Check out my latest boots, OMG I love them!
#STEVIENICKS Platform Boots


I have to create ALL new velvet ruched legwarmers for all these new boots.  I also have White, Tobacco Chocolate Brown, Grey, Purple, Red, and Taupe.  I have to take them TO Jo-Anns, so I can get a perfect (or close) match with the velvet, except for the black…. they are all still in their little boxes waiting for their debut….:)  The red ones are not as high (the front platform) but the HEEL is what is important, and it is pretty much PERFECT!

#STEVIENICKS Red Platform Boots

Of course the black, wine/burgundy and what I call the “gold dust” boots…they are gonna rock with my Gold Dust Woman shawls!

anne11-blkvelpu01_9 wine shoes-boots-ri-anne-11burntorangevelvetpu

With all the booked shows, 9 so far for 2014, and just partnered up with a great management team, and will have

new dates coming very soon…I cannot wear the same clothes, boots, hats, etc for the shows, or why would anyone

come back?  You have to keep VARIETY in your song list, and look, I believe…make each show an Experience!

I am so very blessed, and SO thankful, that I am able to create beautiful things…sew custom items for my shows…and

do what I love…Every day is my JOY ~~~

Thank You!



New Creations New Music More Fun!

Been super busy creating and selling fantastic new items!  From custom blended perfume oils,

to my newest: Lip Balms with colour and sparkle!

Of course jewelry, and moons and all things Magickal.

Rehearsal today…we are adding a Journey, and Stevie Wonder song YAY!

Feeling so very blessed, and lucky to be able to do what I love, and love what I do.

Joel Osteen said something very awesome yesterday…

“Of the 100% of people you will meet/know in this lifetime,

25% don’t like you, and never will, no matter what you do.

25% don’t like you, but could be persuaded to like you.

25% like you, but could be persuaded to not like you any longer.

25% like you, and always will, no matter what.”

I don’t know about you, but I want that last group around me in this Lifetime!

Peace, Out!


#STEVIENICKS White Winged Dove Tribute Band 2014 Tour Dates

Stevie Nicks tribute band White Winged Dove

I have been very busy, booking shows (many more to be announced soon!) and creating wonderful
original jewelry for my Etsy shoppe. (Click HERE to visit).  Like these pieces:

Stevie Nicks Necklace dreamsWith all of these shows booked,

I have to kick in my SERIOUS workouts …. NO MORE slacking off.

Goals.  Dreams.  They are all coming true.  I feel so BLESSED.

Thank you Jesus, who wants us to follow our path, and SHINE!