Monday Morning, you sure look fine…

Another GLORIOUS week is upon us…Welcome, Fall!!

I have completed this week’s work, music & gym schedule, so feel pretty prepared!

This week, I start back with 4x per week Pilates, Yoga, weight training & water ballet classes.

Today marks my 5th day of being “added sugar”, processed/packaged food “FREE”…

the only sugar I allow is natural in Organic fruits and such.  No bread, pasta or any of that.

No Frozen food (pizza, burritos, etc)  Of course no “fast food” unless it is a salad, meat free,

with my own dressing.

This month marks one year I have been “diet cola” free, have not had ONE in this year :) do not

miss them at all, I thought I would, it was the ONLY thing I did have EVERY Day…and more than one!

Last month marked two years of no meat/poultry/pork, etc. or dairy (milk, eggs) and still do eat fish,

so Pescatarian?

Where I have been slacking was the sugar, and bread, and processed/frozen/packaged foods, which is

why I am not yet at my ideal weight for my height. (around 130-140), so I am on a 90-day

plan, which then expands to March 01, 2015, when, if not already, I will DEF. be at my goal OR surpassed.

I am doing this for NO ONE, but myself.

I have a beautiful new sewing studio I have set up in the sunroom in my house, and it really inspired me to created beautiful and exciting new things, both for my #STEVIENICKS tribute shows with White Winged Dove,

as well as sales for my shoppe. (click to shop with me!)

My trainer & I have also charted out a great progress and workout / fitness plan, which also starts today.

I slacked off last time, but, while I cannot say exactly what my motivations are … I CAN tell you,

they are VERY VERY SERIOUS and VERY VERY AWESOME!!!!  “I keep my visions to myself”…

As you know, if you read this blog, I am also writing a Journal of sorts, about my path from the 1970s

being a Stevie Nicks fan, tribute artist, and clothing/jewelry designer & creator.

This is NOT a “tell all” book of my life, because honestly, that is only MY business…this is STRICTLY

dealing with everything that has gone on in being a true Stevie fan and tribute…I have lots of stories, funny, interesting, and I will deal lightly with the “hater” side of it, but just a touch, haters are not worth my typing, honestly ;)  and no one is really interested in those types of people.

There are a LOT of ideas I have for some great new finery, since no one online/brick & mortar, has a shoppe that SPECIALIZES only in #STEVIENICKSCLOTHING inspired BY her and designed with that in mind?   Not saying you cannot find a beautiful vintage shawl, or a moon necklace, but you won’t find ALL OF IT in one shoppe, EXCEPT FOR MINE!!!  (toots own horn LOL).  There are velvet legwarmers, floppy berets, decorated top hats, beribboned tambourines, Rhiannon tops with hanky hem skirts, moon and pyramid necklaces, Wild Hearts, feathered headdresses, and much, much more…since I have my own design studio sunroom now, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!

Let me post a few ideas of what I hope to create (or have already created) in the coming months!  You can click any of the photos to see full size :) 

Stevie's style!!!

Stevie’s style!!!

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Stevie’s style is TOTALLY original, and unique, and only a LONG TIME TRUE FAN knows this…throwing on a shawl and boots does NOT give you a Stevie Nicks look, sure it may look cool….BUT…I am going for AUTHENTIC!!!!   Being a fan, like FOREVER….I studied her clothing/jewelry/accessories because I LOVED them, and how she carried them off (NOT everyone can, believe me, I have seen some disasters HAHA :)  I hope to appeal to Stevie tribute artists, Stevie fans and most importantly, if Stevie ever sees my shoppe or such, she would say “that’s cool”…her Mom told me in the 90s that she thought my tribute shows were “cool” so I use that word LOL!  Stevie signed a “Rhiannon Hard Rock” tee shirt congratulating me on my performance at the Fleetwood Mac convention in Texas, so that DEF. was “COOL”…unfortunately it was destroyed along with many things when I lost my house… BUT I know one day she will sign something COOL for me again ;)  so it is all ok, I have the memories….THAT is what matters.


ANYWAY….Wishing you all a GLORIOUS week…we are not really outside the rain this week…it is visiting every day, but I love storms…

“I have always…been a storm”…right?


Cheers!  xoxox

Creating #STEVIENICKS Clothing, Dressing Like Stevie Nicks, Singing in Tribute to Stevie Nicks….PART I



You love her, right?
Awesome, ethereal, gypsy…everything from her UN-paralelled HAIR AND FINERY,

to her beautiful face & skin, her amazing and heart felt songs…and THAT VOICE!! Her songwriting skill wraps us in velvet,wraps around our dreams, tells the guy who breaks her heart “go on .. walk out the door…but you won’t forget me…oh, no…you don’t forget me”  now THIS lady knows how to serve up a lyric!!!  All of us TRUE fans anxiously are awaiting her next release “24 Karat Gold~Songs From The Vault” in October (10/07/14, pre order HERE) The demos we loved since…well, forever…have been re-mastered and now she is giving them wings to fly into our homes, now into CD slots, where as our cherished & traded cassettes of these same songs, from the 1980s….RAW, remain cherished collectables for us. I have been a Stevie Nicks fan since 1976.  Long time, yes, indeed.  I went to all of the Fleetwood Mac and Stevie solo shows I could, mostly in Maryland and Florida.  I remember the sheer excitement of walking into that concert arena….rushing to the merch table to get all I could, for SURE the tour book and a tee…and what else?  A poster?  Button?  I want it all!  BUT you must be IN YOUR SEAT when SHE comes out…you cannot miss THE ENTRANCE!!!  I had a boyfriend in the 1980s who took me to a SN concert in Baltimore, and as I rushed to get my special collections, and get to my seat, he said, “you are a different person when you came in here” and it is true…she was my Muse…I wanted to study her clothing, her voice, her movements, what she said, what she sang, how she changed the songs, her jewelry, hats, hair accessories it was all MAGICK to me!

This, in it’s own sparkling path…led me to do what I am doing now, and what I have done since 1993 (thank you, Michael Valentino for encouraging me to fly, and EVERYONE who has supported me, all of these years!!) my Stevie tribute shows, and designing and creating authentic style Stevie-finery…because…in 1983…you could not walk in the mall, and say…”I need a hanky hem black dress, and some black velvet gathered legwarmers.  Oh, yes, and a sparkly shawl with very long fringe, please!”  HAHA!   So…I had to create these things…because I adored that look…The very first thing I created was the velvet gathered legwarmers…no elastic, no sewing machine, just a trip to the fabric shoppe for some black panne velvet, black thread and my “rhinestone collections” of SN photos from S&M photos to draft the design from.  I hand sewed them, and wore them till they wore OUT.  No one had them, everyone loved them, and only I knew HOW ;)  So empowering!   Next up was a black cape.  Back to the Fabric Shoppe, for some black satin and fringe.  Oh, and a frog closure, cannot have the cape spinning off me during my twirls ;)  Had NO cutting table, did purchase a very small sewing machine, they call it a “mender” it is meant for hems/small jobs.  Well, my black satin Wild Heart Outside the Rain cape is not going to be any “small” job, and I thought the poor thing would blow up, but it sewed and sewed until the new creation was complete.  I wore it to go sing and meet up with my friends Mike & Alicia, and we had a BLAST!!  Both serious SN fans, they ‘got it’ to see me walk into this small club with huge hair, and this floating cape and legwarmers HAHA!  :)  FUN!

Next up, in creation land, I wanted a SPARKLY stage worthy cape.  Well NONE of the fabric at the shoppe was “Stevie” enough for my creation, so I decided, I will create it with chiffon and glitter.   Now mind you, I am living in an apartment, on the top floor, no massive room or anything for all this.  I laid out the pale grey blue chiffon on a table and with fabric glue, did a little swirly design all over it.  Then sprinkled the fine milled silver glitter all over it.  Let it dry.  Then I had the BRIGHT (NOT!!!) Idea…well I have to shake the glitter off…the shawl is so big, I will just shake it off outside, over the balcony (we were on the 2nd floor)  so…off I go.    Brisk fall day, and I remember silver sparkles everywhere in the air…it was so magickal….then, I looked at the grass….pretty much, no more green grass, just SILVER everywhere!  My Mom comes out and said “oh my God, the old lady next door is gonna have a fit!’ HAHAHA!  Ah, the adventures of dressing like #STEVIENICKS.    And so the creations began…

*END OF PART I*   ~Much More To Come ~  Only the Truth ~ Keeping It Real! ~



Stevie Nicks Inspired Velvet Berets Mastering The Design

Stevie Nicks velvet hat beret




Today is dedicated to mastering my design / pattern for THE Stevie Nicks floppy beret.  I have my sewing space this morning from 10-2 and IT WILL BE DONE!  Then I am going to master LINING them (right now I do them un-lined) AND adding zippers to my velvet ruched legwarmers!  The only place to purchase authentic designed Stevie Nicks clothing style is in my Etsy shoppe, or at my White Winged Dove, Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac tribute band merchandise tables!  I have also mastered my “Rhiannon” style top…velvet body with floating huge chiffon sleeves, and the hanky hem skirt with elastic waist:


Stevie Nicks clothing MasterRhiannonTop




Dreams DO Come True

What I have believed in, and pursued for 20 years has finally been
acknowledged by another, every single point of my performance, from vocals,
to look, to stage presentation of Miss Stevie Nicks.
CONFIRMED to be “the best there could be”
by a 30-year professional in the business, who is now
going to help DREAMS come true for our Tribute.

THANK YOU JESUS, for bringing me my gifts and blessings,
I am SO thankful!