Stevie Nicks Style Feathered Headdress/Cap In All Colours

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Look at these beautiful photos of Miss Stevie! What do they all have in common?  She is wearing an original and unique design feathered headdress, with full spiderweb crochet cap!  Wouldn’t you love to have one of these to wear for the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tour, for your stage show, if you are a performer, or just to show your Wild Heart?  I will have these available for sale in August 2014.  In a variety of colours, you can order via special private client sales.  These will also be available in limited supply, on our White Winged Dove merchandise tables at selected shows.  They take a VERY long time to complete, and are truly unique.  Not a cheap imitation, that looks like a boa exploded (LOL), but a hand crafted piece by piece replica, complete with beautiful feathers and beadwork.  Please send me a message if you have questions or would like to pre-order.  Contact:

Feather Headdress Inquiry

I want to have these in all colours!  Black, Ivory, Red, Purple, Teal, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold just to name a few!  Today is also my first day at my new Sewing Spot.  I am renting (for free) once per week, a huge space with sewing machines and cutting tables, so I can do all my capes, shawls, velvet legwarmers, berets and any other sewing/serging projects I can come up with !  I can use the space once per week, for 3-4 hours on my day off from the Salon.  This was a very lucky “find” I came across online, and it is only about 10 minutes away from home!  I may take some pics from today’s adventure…

White Winged Dove has a great show coming up this Friday, so busting out some new finery for that one, we are playing three sets, so am also going to try and have one of the  new feather headdresses ready for that … probably set III.  Also learning to make custom hair extensions for sale at the salon, that is fun !!!  Very blessed to be able to do so many things I love…and SO thankful…Peace, Out!

Golden Honey Red Cinnamon Lemon Wine Hair Colours!

I LOVE golden tones in my hair.  I don’t think ANYONE should put “ash” tones on their hair, but that is just my opinion, LOL.  Ash looks damaged & old to me.  Goldens and reds and strawberries and honeys SHINE In the sun.

Barbara Joy

Here is my latest colour..I was thinking my “Tusk” style colouring was too dark for my complexion after looking at it for a bit, so I did a “soap cap” to lighten it up, and it came out perfectly!  Right now, I am lightening the front roots to a nice lemon yellow :)   I have also been taking MEGA Hair/Skin/Nails vitamins with 5,000 MG of Biotin TWICE per day and my hair is growing SO fast it is almost to my waist again!  For those who don’t believe you can grow hair and nails with vitamins, I beg to DIFFER.  Of course, I must specify to use QUALITY vitamins, not crap they call “vitamins” at WalMart or the Dollar Tree.  I only shop with the following vitamin suppliers:

FOOD Matters


Life Extension

Natural Vitality

Well it is time to rinse…so have a blessed evening!!!!  PEACE!


Week II w/New Trainer/Classes & Food Adjustments

Starting week two tomorrow with the new Trainer, and adding some classes.  I am very much liking Pilates, Yoga and all the water classes, still, along with a side of weight lifting, which I have always enjoyed, even in High School.  My good friend & band mate is giving me a treadmill, to help me on my journey, we should be delivering it this week…I was also thinking my hair was “too dark” for me…and I missed the reds/burgundy/strawberry and honey tones that I love so so much, so last night, I did a soap cap with 30 vol. and it lifted perfectly, and brought the various red & golden tones back to me :)  Spending much less time “online” and working at my new job & these new goals.  Who has time for all that silliness & hate that some people still seem to survive on?  Very sad.   My house is now “free” off all the bad things, I did have some mayo, and sugary things in here, but they are gone now.  My fridge has fruit, H20, Almond Milk and salad.  Not too shabby!  I think when you know what to do, the only factor is just DOING it, and it really isn’t rocket science, just most people would rather stuff a doughnut in their mouth, vowing to “start tomorrow”…well, my tomorrow is HERE, right NOW.   Peace, Out!

Weigh in & “Before” photo day @ the gym

UGH the dreaded “before” photos will be taken today.  I don’t plan on posting them on the WWW, as

I am still IN the “before” phase! LOL!  Measurements and all that will be taken too, and weight of course (which

I already know, as I weigh once per week).  We are adding some (safe) supplements to help the fat burning process,

started those this morning.

I think it may take me less time than I thought to reach my goal, I was shooting for Jan. 01, 2015, but I may reach it in late

Fall / Early Winter 2014, according to my trainer.  YIPPS!

Peace, Out!